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Why Choose Us?

Our accumulated experience of six years has established us as a large wholesale supplier of natural honey.

100% quality and reliability

We work with trusted and trusted bee farms that ensure a proper and ecological approach to honey harvesting. We are confident in the quality of our product, which is confirmed by certification.

Health in a package

We sell honey that is not heat-treated. It retains important enzymes and beneficial substances for good health and well-being. Quality PET packaging guarantees the freshness of the product.


Selected high-quality honey all year round At any time of the year, we are ready to ship the right amount of fresh product. We always have honey from our range in stock. We work with large wholesale. Delivery and registration of all documents.


Packaged honey

Benefits of honey

Honey is nectar that is processed in the bee’s goiter. There are about 300 useful substances in this product. A little more than 90% is the content of various sugars. In Honey, you can find
almost the entire table of Mendeleev. The product’s value is due to the composition, which is close to the composition of blood. 14 different enzymes are involved in accelerating metabolic

Regular use of honey normalizes and restores the work of the body, namely:

  • strengthens immunity and defense functions of the body
  • improves memory and concentration;
  • relieves stress, calms the nervous system;
  • improves blood circulation;
  • restores damaged cells and tissues.

Our products are available in 1000 g in PET packaging

Мёд Подсолнечник


“ Sunflower”

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Мёд Разнотравье



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Мёд Гречишный




What Makes Us Noteworthy?

The company, established in 2016, is export-oriented. For more than 6 years, we have been expanding the boundaries of our product range. Our companions in terms of product supply are large apiary farms from Russia, Primorye, and Altai. We work throughout the Russian Federation and are characterized as reliable exporters to China. Our clients are satisfied with our cooperation with us, as they are convinced of the timely delivery of 100% natural honey to any point in Russia. From the very foundation of the company, we have been developing such principles of work as efficiency, competence, and transparency.


Worldwide shipping

Please note that we individually for each client choose from transport companies with the most FAVORABLE shipping cost and guarantees for YOU.